Boundary Games


Meg and Aki
Meg and Aki sharing a boundary

I am sometimes asked what game I love the most. Well, I love playing lots of different games with my dogs. The game that has had the largest positive impact in my house would have to be the Boundary Games.

Nami, one of my dogs, was 11 months old when she became a part of my family. She had difficulty with calming down, would steal food and would jump on chairs and tables while doing zoomies around the house. She had never been taught a lot of the basic behaviours that I like to see in my dogs.

Boundary Games have given me back a peaceful meal time with my family. Yes, Nami used to enjoy jumping at the table to steal food. I tried all sorts of things to get her to stop with varying results. Locking the dogs out of the room, led to crazy barking, asking the dogs to sit was just repetitive and frustrating, ignoring the dogs led to the jumping up being rewarded as they managed to steal food. Boundary Games were the quiet, calm solution that I had been looking for.

Boundary Games have also helped both of my dogs to learn to be calm in a range of different situations. For example, Nami used to become over aroused at events such as agility trials. Giving her a defined boundary in these situations allows her to calm down and make better choices.

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