We offer classes for different levels, and each class is capped at six people so everyone can get the individual attention that they need. All classes are first-come, first-served, so please enrol early to secure your spot. Our next available classes will commence in February 2019. 

Junior Handlers

This class is specifically designed to enable younger students to build great relationships with their dogs. Handlers aged between 8 and 17 years of age are encouraged to learn not only about general training, but also to start experimenting with dog sports and tricks training. A parent or guardian is required to attend these classes to support the Junior Handler.

Aki Jumping
Roley Dogs Junior Handlers will get a chance to try out agility


Relationship Building

Calmness, Focus and Proximity are the key concepts that we are looking at in this class. We start with games that encourage strong boundaries, a great recall and the ability for the dog to listen in high arousal situations.

Meg showing us some awesome focus


Instructed Agility Foundations

Welcome to the world of dog sports. In this class we will look at the basic skills needed to teach your dog how to follow your signals and commands to negotiate a simple course of jumps and tunnels.

Those ears must help with jumping!

Talented Tricks Training

Have you ever wished that you could teach your dog to roll over, spin around, crawl or do other tricks on command? This is the class for you. Not only will you and your dog learn a range of tricks, you will learn about the different ways in which we can teach your dog how to do the tricks.

Nami learning tricks

Drop in Sessions

Occasionally we will offer single session classes that will concentrate on specific skills. These could include skills such as a more reliable recall, basic commands or creating calm.

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